as salam everybody! fuhh! mlm yg indah ni kan, jari jemari ku yg runcing lg mulus ni ttbe rajin utk menari sambil berdansa kat atas keyboard nih!wahahaha! 

ya Allah, sudah dekat benda tuh tp sy still xsdar diri lagi yekkk..benda ape?? hey helloooooo!! that THING is called FINAL EXAM!!!!huwarrggghhhh!! pejam celik pejam celik, da final exam der oit!huhu. tp sblum tuh, entry ni ditaip menggunakan laptop, sambil meniarap dirumah ku syurgaku iaitu di MUAR!ahakz! blk kjap, amik restu family b4 exam.. anak solehah kan sy??kihkihkih.. ok2, back to the track.. dunno la why this sem mmg giler mlas nk stdy, da la amik 5 subjek then seme sbjek menghafal..mmg cun sgt!huhu.. pape pon, jom kte tgk jadual exam sy! :)

best giler la kan.. start on 28th of december then rest approximately 1 week kot then continue on 4, 5, 6 and the last paper on 7 of january.. bernanah okes kpler hotaakkk!hukhukhuk.. sgt terbaik sem ni, my time management this semester agk kelam kabut okeh..huhu.. pape pon, juz accept it.. mcm biasela statement sy, this is called LIFE AS A STUDENT.. nak xnak, kau kena hadap la kan every sem final exam n studying.. klau xnk seme tuh, berenti blaja then kawin!hahaha! ingt snang nk kwin?? kne ade ilmu kawin jgk kan?? dah sy ni knape, lari betol dr topic..kahkahkah... it's true kan, student mmg keje dier study n hadap exam.. bersusah dulu n insyaAllah, bersenang lenang kemudian hari..teheeeee... ok, klau da di campur tolak sem dpan n LI the other sem kan.. sy cume ade lg 3sem to complete my Bachelor program..subahanallah, time pass very fast isn't it?? mcm xcaye, mcm baru smlm amik result exam spm..hahaha!

so this week is a STUDY WEEK and mcm biase lah until the exam abis, mohon tgk pic dibawah.. :p

see that!hahaha! after this, i'm gonna focus on my final exam.. my blog takkan diupdate smpailah abis final exam.. xlame pon so jgn rndu sy bnyk2 okes, klau rndu calling2 lah!hehehe..

actually xsbar nk msuk exam hall, why?? tgk pic di bwh ni..

nk curahkan segala ilmu yg ade ok!hahaha! nice pic kan?? mmg kene dgn student2 yg bgai nk rak stdy kan then curahkan segala ape yg ade dlm otak tuh..hehehehe..

so my frenzzz, please wish me and my UNITENIANS a very GOOD LUCK okes! juz do the best peoples! and remember what bill gates said :

what ever result you get, accept it n beryukur ok.. tuah manusia ni kite xtau ok, but what ever it is.. 

teheeee, pnjg pulak entry sy kali ni kan n bnyk lak pic2 yekk..saje jek, xmola korg bosan bace..huuuuu.. okla then, smpai cni jek n insyaAllah, after my final exam i will update my blog again ok! huwarrggghhh! lamelah jari jemari ku ni xmenari atas keyboard, menari atas paper exam jela..huhuhu.. okes, gudnite peoples n all the best UNITENIANS!! ;)
assalamualaikum! alhamdulillah, ade jgk mase n kudrat sy nk meng-update blog terchenta ni! gian pulak jari jemari sy nk menari2 kat atas keyboard nih..hekhek! bkn ade story baru pon tp ade story lame2 nk share ckit.. sharing is caring whattttt!!hahaha! 

maybe u guys keep wondering kan, pehal lak minah ni wat tajuk entry cmtu? iskkkkk, tebiat mngkin..kuikuikui.. it's actually, about my journey lerrrrr... my journey at UNIVERSITI TENAGA NASIONAL KAMPUS PUTRAJAYA! fuhhh! gigih thooqqq tulis pnjng2!hahaha! journey ape?? journey to the centre of the earth barangkali..hakhakhak! yelaaa, journey sy as student UNITEN ler.. diam x diam, pejam celik pejam celik, tik tok tik tok! nxt sem sy akan melangkah ke tahun ketiga dlm dunia ijazah sarjana muda..klau tolak latihan industry bagai, ade lg 3sem jek nk abis blaja.. subahanallah, cpt sgt kan mase berlalu.. cer tgk taun dpan, da 2012 okies!haiyaakkk..lg bbrape ari jek nk melangkah ke tahun baru and umur sy pon makin bertmbah lerr..hehhe.. haish! actually bnyk yg sy blaja spnjang life sy kat UNITEN.. dari 27 JUN 2008 smpai lah skrg, a lot of things sy blaja..bnyk sgt! pengalaman tuh mmg xdpt nk bli kat mane2 lah even kat pavilion skli pon..hehehe.. ape perubahan yg berlaku kt sy? hmmmmm... i can't judge myself la but what i heard from my fren, sy bnyk giler berubah! not berubah jd org lain but dr penampilan la kooottttt... yeler, dlu kat sekolah giler selekeh but kt cni seme kne jageeee... da matang kot! xkn nk selekeh mcm dulu!wahahaha! pape pon, shikin ttp shikin yg dlu tp skrg da mkin bnyk ckp..klau kt skolah dlu mcm ade emas kat dlm mulut! ssah nk berckp ngn org! malu jgn cter la, skrg ni da mcm muke tembok pon ade..hahaaha! 

criusly, bnyk pnglman..suka duka, gelak tawa, jatuh bangun, complete la! mcm mimpi, mcm bru smlm  tamat tingkatan 5.. ape yg best kt cni ialah, u become an independent! family jau, wlaupon xdela jau sgt.. every single thing u need to do it by urself! mkn, minum, pakaian, bngun pagi seme u need to do it by urself.. 18years sy duk bwh ketiak family then tahun 2008 dihantar ke UNITEN, berpinar jgk hidup kjap then alhamdulillah..until now, i'm still ALIVE!kahkahkah! 

Pengalaman Mendewasakan Kita.. this is true! so, jgn takut utk mencuba bnde yg baru dlm hidup ni asalkan mengikut landasan yg betul..

so fellas! December gonna leave us soon and i really hope that December is a month to be Remember! ;)



p/s : everyday i always tell myself, i will improve myself to be a better person..InsyaAllah...

p/s : addicted to this song already, ENJOY~~

miley cyrus : stay

Well it's good to hear your voice
I hope your doing fine
And if you ever wonder,
I'm lonely here tonight
Lost here in this moment and time keeps slipping by
And if I could have just one wish
I'd have you by my side

Oooh, oh I miss you
Oooh, oh I need you

And I love you more than I did before
And if today I don't see your face
Nothing's changed, no one can take your place
It gets harder everyday

Say you love me more than you did before
And I'm sorry it's this way
But I'm coming home, I'll be coming home
And if you ask me I will stay, I will stay

Well I try to live without you
The tears fall from my eyes
I'm alone and I feel empty
God I'm torn apart inside

I look up at the stars
Hoping your doing the same
Somehow I feel closer and I can hear you say

Oooh, oh I miss you
Oooh, oh I need you

And I love you more than I did before
And if today I don't see your face
Nothing's changed, no one can take your place
It gets harder everyday

Say you love me more than you did before
And I'm sorry that it's this way
But I'm coming home, I'll be coming home
And if you ask me I will stay, I will stay
Always stay

I never wanna lose you
And if I had to I would choose you
So stay, please always stay
You're the one that I hold onto
'Cause my heart would stop without you

And I love you more than I did before
And if today I don't see your face
Nothing's changed no one can take your place
It gets harder everyday

Say you love me more than you did before
And I'm sorry that it's this way
But I'm coming home, I'll be coming home
And if you ask me I will stay, I will stay
I'll always stay

And I love you more than I did before
And I'm sorry that it's this way
But I'm coming home I'll be coming home
And if you ask I will stay, I will stay
I will stay

as salam my dearest readers..!! hamboi, mcmla rmai bnor yg bace blog sy kan..hahha! juz a short n sweet entry okies! ;)

nampak kan link kat atas ni? mintak tolong kpd sesape yg bace entry sy kali ni, click on that link and then please click 'LIKE' for that picture.. my eldest bro actually masuk this competition and i dunno what competition..hahaha! he told me to promote this because if he win, sy dpt 20 percent!kahkahkah! xdela, joking jekkk...hehehe.. sila LIKE taw! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~

p/s : comel kan picture ni?! ;)


Do you ever heard about a documentary series named "The Arrival"? 
This series explores the revelations in world religions regarding the arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, United Nation, New World Order, Imam Al-Mahdi, and the second coming of The Christ. 

Now, the director of this documentary is about to giving the 
lecture series in our college! UNITEN..Sheikh Imran Hosein!
Lets not missing the chance to see this man from face to face!

Detail of Progam:
Title: United Nation & The New World Order
Date: 7/12/2011
Time: 8.00pm-11.00pm
Venue: College Of Information Technology, UNITEN
for student and public
**scorun provided for student UNITEN!**

as salam semua!! waaaaaaaaaaaa, miss uols lah! and of coz, miss my lalink blog!huhuhu.. maap dehhhh,  my last entry is on 22/11 rite?? lame jgk xupdate blog psal dri sndri ni..huhu.. bz giler! but tonite, free kan diri n lembutkn jari jemari yg chomel ni utk menari kat atas keyboard yg comel nih!kahkahkah! ok, giler!heeeeee... 

okies, actually what  going to story to uols ni actually da agk lapuk ah.. bersngkut paut ngn MPP la cter ni, cter psal Program Pemantapan MPP!weeeeeeeeeee..program ni actually ade 2 sesi, satu sesi bwt dlm UNITEN saje n the other sesi is at hotel seri malaysia, bagan lalang.. for the 1st session is all about how we as MPP's gonna communicate with people, about our attitude, personalities and so on.. it's all about internally la then the 2nd session more interesting... sesi yg ke2 mencabar fizikal, mental n rohani.. it's about how we going to be a good leader not MANAGER! mule2, mmg sy tertnyer2 sape yg akn jd fasilitator kteorg or penceramah kteorg sbb we know that he/she are not from UNITEN.. then, 1st day kami da diperkenalkan kpd penceramah kami iaitu USTAZ SYAARI AB RAHMAN ! sy slah sorg terlmpau excited yea sbb ustaz pnah dtg UNITEN memberi ceramah tntang Kuasa Kepimpinan Al-Fateh yg time tuh presentation beliau sgt menarik! dan sesi pemantapan kami ni beliau menerapkan cara2 kepimpinan Al-Fateh kpd kami yg pd sy ia sgt awesome! even bnyk indoor activity but pd sy sgt best, energetic n xmgntuk lngsung! sgt best! owh, ustaz syaari sgt terkenal dgn buku tulisan beliau yg bertajuk KUASA KEPIMPINAN AL-FATEH.. ok, bosan dah asik berceloteh.. ape kate kte lyan pic2 kat bwh ni yek! enjoyy~~

USTAZ SYAARI AB RAHMAN, tabik spring!!! :)


sesi luahan perasaan, stiap org akn terima SURAT CINTA dr kalangan kami tp kami xtau sape yg tulis surat tersebut..dlm surat tersebut, ade tercatat ape kelemahan n kekuatan kami... sesi ini adelah utk improve kan diri kami... no heart feeling! ;)

group LADY GAGAH! my group! :p

group LADY BOY!

group GARU-GARU!

group 2 KUPANG!

mase terluang, jejaka2 MPP main monopoly kad! :)

doing this cute puzzle and of coz, ladie's group win!hahaha!

debat! debat! debat! sekretariat sports n cultural kne teruk weyh!hahaha!

game yg bikin havoc! masing2 kne pertahankan jwtan masing2 n kne bgtau knpe jwtan tersebut penting dlm organisasi..sumpah havoc giler!hahaha!

sesi penyampaian SIJIL! :)

SMILE! :))

p/s : setiap game atau aktiviti yg ustaz jalankan bkn utk suka2 tp setiap game atau aktiviti tersebut mempunyai mesej yg tersendiri...module2 yg sgt best n menarik! :)

before i end my entry, satu quote yg mnrik dr ustaz..
 a MANAGER always doing the things right but..

  a LEADER always doing the right things..

perhatikan betul2 quote di atas, ade perbezaan dia.. :)