salam semuaaa, xpnjang sgt entry caye kali ni.... picture kat atas tu adelah picture caye with our PRESIDENT of KELOMPOK ILMU, she was an awesome leader that i ever met... caye xkan caye klau ade org ckp diz women xwat keje ker ape but the truth is, die adelah president yg snggup bersengkang mate, snggup xp klas semate-mate utk kelompok ilmu... it's really not fair if someone ckp dier xwat keje, sgt2 tipu!!! i know her, i really know her... she's cute, sweet, talkative, hardworking, clever and strong... i love diz women, all community of ILMU will miss her so much after diz... keep ur good work kak, we will support u from behind..jgn lupe kan kteorg, especially me, ur secretary!!!hehehe. i really hope u will stay with us, hope u will change ur mind...please change ur mind...

~~the end~~