greetings to u!!

hello everybody!! welcome to my blog and i hope u guys love my simple blog okay. okay, i really excited to create this blog coz i want to share some part of my life with u guys and i want to know ur opinion and leave ur comments ok.. first thing i want tu share with u guys are my personal details.. let's start with my name, my full name is nur ashikin mohd said and this 23rd march my age are 18years old and hope u guys wish me okay!!!hehehe. actually i'm ex-convent girl at muar, johor and convent school is the best school,perhaps.. okay, i have 4 siblings that is i have 3 big brother and i am a last and only girl in my family.. i have a very very caring parent's and i love them so much and i will never forget what had they gave to me from i'm still child until today.. actually, i have graduated from my high school that is smk convent muar and just got my SPM result which is not so brilliant but okay laa.. right now i still confused what course should i take to further my studies but after a much consideration and also a support from my family, i have choose nursing course to further my studies and want to success in this job.. so, pray for me that i will success in my future job okay! what else ha??? ohhh, i forgot to tell u guys that i have a lot of friends and i gave u my friends name that is  wani, timah, wina, intan, dayah, suhaiba, farhah, aini, zarina, aisyah, aqila and khiren! that was some of my friends and they are my very very best friends that i ever have.. hope their all not forget me and still remember our sweet relationship at our school and i loved them very much more than i love myself.. hmm..what else i want to tell ho??? okay lorr, right here only la.. i hope u guys keep reading my blog coz i have a lot to tell u guys about my life..see ya!!!!