about my school..

yes, today is my birthday!! so,today i will tell u guys about my ex-school that is smk convent muar. okay, all people know that convent is a school for girls only and this school have a very very tight discipline and sometimes i as a convent girl feel really stress about it. that's why convent is really famous school coz of their tight discipline.. second thing about my ex-school is everyday we have no free time coz our teachers always burdened us with a lot lot of homework. sometimes when we have our holiday or weekends, we cannot go out, shopping or whatever we want to do coz we need to finished our homework first and sometimes we didn't do that homework's and we will get a presents from our teachers that is standing outside classrooms.. it is really embarrassing u know, but what we can do, that was the paid for we didn't finished that homework's and we just accept it.. but, after i leaved that school, i really really missed my school so much coz there were a lot of  memories there which is memories with my beloved friends and teachers.. after i leaved that school, i realised that all the punishment that i get from my teachers for what i did is very help me in my studies coz that punishment make me realised that i came to school to study not playing fool right.. and now, I'm not at my school anymore and i really missed convent  so much and i hoped some days i will come to that school again with my successful achievement in my works and life.. may GOD bless me, my friends and my ex-school.. tata titi tutu!!!!