my birthday!!!

hoorayyyyy!!! my birthday will come only in  few hours and i'll be 18years old, old enough ha??hehehe. okay, i have got all my presents from my parents and brothers but i still didn't get my present from my first brother,p-yan. he had promise me that he will give me a new handphone and some money but i don't know he will keep that promise or not, right now i just wait and wait and wait..hehe. hah, my age getting older every year but my attitude still unchanged.. okay, i'm a little bit still childish and not overall myself is matured. sometimes i can feel that i'm not ready to faced my real world for example after this i will further my studies and then need to faced my own job and more difficulties in this very challenging world.. right now, everything's is money and sometimes people thought that money can buy everything.. i disagree with that coz there were somethings that we cannot buy with money for example love..
but some people also said that money can buy love.. hoh, i really don't understand and i just thought people that said like that is a materialistic people.. hah! just a few hour is my birthday and i really hope that my life keep better every year. see yaaa!!!!!