Assalamualaikum wbt.

Alhamdulillah, berjumpa kite lg dlm rancangannnn..bahahaha! xde mknenyer, saje jek mengarut kan..hehehe.. nmpk gambar kat atas tuh??yup, tulisan DONE tuh! yeaayyy! alhamdulillah, i'm already finish my final exam for this final year first semester on 14th september! ya Allah, seriously.. FINAL YEAR STUDENT, bkn snang utk tempuh.. utk semester pertama final year ni, a lot of things i have been through.. oh yeah, especially STRESS and PRESSURE.. this two words yg sllu bermain2 dlm kehidupan sy skrg ni..huhu.. how about my Final Year Project 1?? owhhh, hampir terlupa.. i already present my FYP1 infront of my supervisor and also my examiner on 11th of september.. and as usual, Alhamdulillah.. everything goes smoothly! i like my examiner, she is so cool dude!ahahahha! xde soalan, chit chat yg lbh..kuikuikui.. Alhamdulillah sgt but i don't know the result.. final exam result, sgt takut coz ade satu or dua paper yg agk menggerunkan..huhu.. but insyaAllah, hope everything ok jelah kan.. PRAY! itu yg penting!yeay!

And now, sdg bercuti bbrpe hari kat MUAR! yup, lpas exam on14th tuh trus amik bas blk! cuti sempena hari 1 MALAYSIA! HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY! proud to be Malaysian, xkisah ape pon org berbalah psal politik ke hape but  no matter what.. I AM PROUD TO BE MALAYSIAN! yeahhh! oklah, disebabkan sepanjang exam aritu tdo sekadar sejam dua and nowwwwww.. sistem badan da mntk qada' tidur, sian badan sy xckup tido yeaa..hahaha! gudnite peoples! but before that, i have something for uolss! ;)

People come and go. i want to tell you that's life, because it really is. we learn who to trust, we learn how to fall in love, and we learn how to let go. with life comes obstacles, and those obstacles teach you who you are. the people that left aren't meant to be in your life, and the people you leave.. you aren't meant for them. 

I love this statements.. make me feel stronger and stronger each day.. nanite everyone, have faith on yourself and have faith on HIM.. ;)