~ Son's first Hero & Daughter's first Love ~

Son's first hero and Daughter's first love..whoo??
yesss, a Dad! =)

to my beloved ABAH, MOHD SAID BIN HAJI ABD AZIZ...everyday is father's day and every second..i miss you damn much! yuppp, ikin xrapat sgt ngan abah but u still my abah! u still my hero! u r everything to me! kan bagus if abah read this entry.. i can't call you to wish happy father's day bcoz i will cry!huhu.. tggu org balik muar eh mnggu dpan, i bought something 4 u! hope u like it! =)

abah da gmuk smule! dlu mse sakit kurus sgt, alhamdulillah..abah da sihat skrg! =D
I love my abah damn much! 
please take care of ur health abah! 

this entry i dedicate to my lovely abah and also to Ayah, Papa, Daddy, Baba, Abi, Walid, Bapak. Happy Father's Day to all of u!!
 Al-Fatihah to those who have lost theirs. 
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