as salam uols sekalian alam!ahakz! arini ttbe ter-rajin laks nk update new entry lerrr..al maklum, da lame jgk xupdate story mory baru kat blog cute caye neh..hahaha.. arini my entry of coz, all about me..xkan nk cter psal jiran sblah lak kan, mmg x kuasek haku..hahaha! entry kali ni nk cerite psal, ermmmm..cmner nk jlaskan yek? typeless lak..xkn nk tulis speechless, bkn caye berckp pon kat blog ni but caye taip kan? so, typeless..hakhakhak! ok, nape plih tajuk entry ni? sbb, caye nk share ckit ape yg caye maukan dlm idup mase caye umo 7 tahun, 11 tahun, 17 tahun, 20 tahun?? what i really dream about, what i really want to do on that age?? actually da lame caye nk wat entry ni tp xberkesempatan..bz memanjang..huhuhu.. oklah, xmo pnjg2 ayat..jom tgk! =)

7 years old :
wanted to be a doctor
i want to be a princess
school is s**k!
Thing i scared the most: teacher's!

11 years old :
i want to be a lawyer!
can't wait to enter secondary school!
can't wait to finished up this primary school!
started to hate school!haha!
Thing i scared the most: UPSR!
17 years old :
i want to be nurse
oh my gosh! can't wait to finished school time baybehh!
wondering, how is it feel when driving a car?
i want to enter nursing college
thing i scared the most : SPM!

18 years old :
university time baybehhh!
guess what, i'm not entering nursing college but i entered UNITEN and take IT course
homesick for 2 weeks!
i just want to go home (muar)
Thing i scared the most :
 1) university life
 2) being away from family 

20 years old :
got a lot of friends at UNITEN
it has been 2 years i'm in university life
started to think university is a horrible place!
really hate those assignments thingy!
just can't wait to finished study!
want to work!
earn my own money!
wanna help my family!
want to buy my dream car, VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE!
Thing i scared the most :
1)every semester, FINAL EXAM
 2)losing my parents, i just can't imagine it
3)who is my soulmate?
 4)what will happen to me after 10years?

that's it!ngeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... as a conclusion, stiap kali umur kite meningkat..smkin bnyk pkre yg kte kne pkirkan.. i'm now 20 year old, next year i'm going to 21 years old..we getting older and older and older..and, smkin mngkat usia kte smkin bnyk pkre yg prlu kte pkirkan..who's say that life is easy? it's not easy, and maybe it's not very difficult.. to me, life is full of challenge.. you like it or not, you must faced it!haha!other thing is, cita2 kite or our ambition mase kecit kkdang xkan jadi knytaan..tgk caye ckupla, mcm2 profession nk ceburi but last2 bhgian kmpter jgk caye amik..hehehe..

ok, korg leh differentiate x between caye umo 18 n skrg ni..ape perubahan yg korg nmpk?hahaha! mmg ketara sgt kan perubahan dier? cer komen, ape perubahan nyer..kihkihkih.. ok sudah! penat dah jari jemari ku yg runcing nih, prlukan rehat..hehehe.. juz wait for my upcoming entry ok uols! iols nk rehat! daaaaaaaaaaaaa! ;)

p/s : ni picture caye mase zaman sekolah tadika! ;)